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My Yoga Journey

Having practised Yoga alongside dance training for years, I finally initiated my teaching journey in early 2021 (during the Covid lockdown) completing a 200 Hr YTT - something I have been wanting to do for a while. I have always enjoyed Yoga, but during such an uncertain time I found it a sacred ritual and a real tool to calm the anxieties that life was bringing. It helped me find and maintain a level of peace, as well as physical health. 


I was inspired to learn more about the History and Philosophy of the practise that we, in the Western world, have adopted and adapted. In my classes, as well as encouraging a full body workout, I aim to take influence from the true origins of Yoga. I respect the knowledge that has been passed to us, and believe there is a lot we can carry from Yoga Philosophy into our everyday lives. 


I have since been teaching in gyms & studios, privates, corporates and retreats. I have even taught Yoga for kids in nurseries across London. I am passionate about sharing something that has been such a crutch for me, and helping others incorporate Yoga practice into their lives. From a typical class you can expect a Vinyasa inspired flow, catered to your level and personal needs. I will always offer modifications for poses, giving you the option to simplify or intensify your practise. I promote a judgement free environment, and encourage you to make no comparisons to others.

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes


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How do you motivate and help your clients to achieve their goals?

I believe everyone's journey with exercise is unique, particularly with Yoga. It is personal and no one person practises Yoga like another. I aim to adapt my classes to your personal expectations, giving you the right amount of push. I want to create a safe space for people to express and achieve their goals, and encourage open communication with clients. I am a very approachable person and always here to help or answer questions. I encourage self accountability, journalling, creating small realistic goals rather than huge impossible ones. My approach is not to crack the whip but rather nudge you in the right direction to achieving what you are already capable of yourself. We all have the power to do amazing things, sometimes we just need help unlocking it.

We really enjoyed yoga classes with Claudia at stichd. Claudia is attentive and intuitive teacher and she adapted her poses to everyone in the room. Her classes left us energised but also calm after busy day at the office. Claudia has great energy and passion for teaching. I would highly recommend booking her!

Mateja Klinc, Office Manager at Stichd UK